GreenLeaf Industries was envisioned long before its conception back in 1999. The vision was to have a plastic molding company that would use only all electric machines. Eliminating the cost associated with hydraulic machines thus allowing the company to produce superior parts at better prices than foreign or domestic competition.

Today, GreenLeaf is one of only a few molders in the world using only all-electric machines, we set new standards in custom injection molding excellence. We are committed to becoming your #1 supplier by providing unmatched overall value: quality, delivery and service at the best price.

GreenLeaf is a family owned and operated plastic injection molding company located in Lenoir City, Tennessee. We bring family values to the work place and having employees that are happy and want to be here helps keep moral high and cost down.

  GreenLeaf is ISO 9001: 2008 certified company

Done Right, Every Time!

GreenLeaf Industries make the American molder a true option for American companies. We treat our customers the way we like to be treated: open, honest, fair and friendly.

GreenLeaf is helping keep American jobs here in America.