GreenLeaf Industries was envisioned long before its conception back in 1999. The vision was to have a plastic molding company that would use only all electric machines.

GreenLeaf has 9 all electric molding machines. These machines allow GreenLeaf to compete in the world market. Specifically we compete and win against the Asian and Mexican markets. To date, we have brought back 7 jobs to America from these locations.

GreenLeaf knows happy employees are more productive employees.

GreenLeaf treats our suppliers fairly. Making sure they make a fair profit but not a big profit on the backs of our customers. We build great working relationships so if the time comes when we need their help, they are more than willing to support us in our time of need.

GreenLeaf treats our customers with the utmost respect. Giving the fairest prices we can while constantly innovating and trying to improve products, processes and cost saving ideas.